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A High-End Tribe of Creative Mompreneurs

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Here, you can expect to be supported in your business, work-life harmony & mom-life journey.


The Magnolia Tribe is centered around bringing together and supporting mothers who are passionate about their families, their businesses and embodying leadership in big ways and subtle ways.

(The best part, it’s free!)

Magnolias symbolize dignity, nobility, gentleness and womanly beauty as well as stability and grace through ever-changing times. A a member of the Magnolia Tribe, you desire to become a leader in your home and your work who pursues excellence and grace in all she does.

• The Magnolia Tribe Core Values •

+ Self-care and family come before business and money.
While we work hard, chase dreams and take on big, ambitious goals, we do so with our personal well-being and that of our family’s in mind, because we know that without a healthy self or healthy home – our success is short-lived and unfulfilling.

+ Success is defined by each person, so there is no room for comparison or judgement.
While we all gracefully strive toward healthy homes and successful businesses, what that looks like and ultimately means is different for each and every one of us, so comparison or judgement have no place.

+ We always have a choice and this is how we find our power.
We believe in the power of reflection and self-knowledge in our journey to transforming to become the best versions of ourselves.

+ Empathy, Compassion & Respect.
Need I say more?

+ Openness, collaboration and saying yes to opportunities is highly encouraged.
When we try new things we open the door for new opportunities, perspectives, relationships and ways of thinking to emerge and this can lead to deeper transformation and more fulfilling lives.